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The best wireless chargers for iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S9 in 2018

A wireless charger is for anyone with a new Qi-based smartphone such as the 8, 8 Plus and X iPhones and the latest generations of Samsung Galaxy handsets. Through technology, simply lean your phone on a platform to recharge it.

This is a matter of convenience: with it, the entry of the iPhone, for example, is free, which allows you to use wired headphones while charging the device.

Although the recharge is less rapid than in the traditional way, practicality can compensate. In tests, the 5-watt wired charger that comes with the iPhone 8 has completed the charge of the device in 2 hours and 25 minutes, while the 5W wireless chargers usually take between 3 and 4 hours.:

As criteria for the test of the best wireless chargers were used:

WPC Certification:

means that the charger has been tested and found to be safe and compliant with the Qi standard.

Recharge speed:

Q1 2.1 standard supports speeds up to 15 watts, but 5 W and 7.5 W chargers are more common today. With this in mind, a variety of accessories supporting different speeds have been selected.

Power Source:

Wireless chargers that use a standard (Micro-USB is the most common) have been chosen and come with a USB wall adapter.


This criterion includes not only how the charger is, but also how sticky the surface is to hold the cellphone in place, as well as any extra items such as the lights that indicate when the recharge is complete.

Manufacturer Reputation:

Only models of companies with a good reputation for warranty and customer support were considered.

For the tests, six loaders with predominantly positive consumer ratings were selected.

See what the best 6 wireless charger for iPhone and what the  for Android below:

Android: Samsung Wireless Charging Pad EP-PG920I


The Samsung Wireless Charging Pad EP-PG920I is the best choice for anyone who wants to take advantage of Qi technology. This charger is WPC-certified and its recharge rate is comparable to that of all other gadgets tested, for both the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S8. In testing, for a 100% recharge, this Samsung model took about 15 minutes less, on average, than more expensive and higher voltage options. Its design is attractive and minimalist, and Samsung is one of the most established companies in the wireless charging market. A sticky base keeps the platform flat on the table, a sticking ring at the top prevents the phone from moving, and on Samsung phones, lights let you know when your smartphone is charged.

However, there are some minor issues. When the EP-PG920I recharges an iPhone or non-Samsung Android device, the LED lights do not change from blue to green when the device is fully recharged, making it impossible to know the battery level at a glance. It is also possible to turn off the LED, as some people may find the light too strong in a dark room, for example.


iPhone: Spigen Essential F301W Wireless Charger (Ultra Slim)


IPhone owners who want a faster wireless recharge as possible should opt for this model. In tests, the F301W had the same performance as the Samsung charger when used to recharge a Galaxy S8, but was faster to load on an iPhone 8.

The Spigen charger was able to take the iPhone battery from 0 to 100% in an average of 3 hours and 10 minutes, 35 minutes faster than the Samsung EP-PG920I. While some wired options are faster, this model offers the fastest wireless recharging for the iPhone 8 so far.

Nokia’s DC-50 wireless charger


Nokia’s DC-50 operates with Qi technology, an induction charging standard developed by a consortium of some of the top smartphone manufacturers.

The device does not need to be plugged in to charge the phone, a feat achieved thanks to the combination of a portable charger inside. In addition to Nokia handsets, it is compatible with various models from Samsung, Sony, HTC, Toshiba, Motorola and LG, among others. The gadget costs £29.98  in the UK and is found in white, yellow, blue and red.


Nokia DT-900 Universal Wireless Qi Charging Plate


Another wireless model from Nokia is the DT-900, which costs £19.35 on It needs to be plugged into the socket to charge, having 300 mA of input current and 750 mA of output. The device is compatible with all devices that have Qi technology.


Sony WCH10 Wireless Charging Plate for Xperia Z3

The Sony WCH10 wireless charging platform carries any Qi-certified device. This includes not only smartphones, such as speakers and other devices with the technology. Available in black color, the product weighs 51 g and is 7.8 cm in diameter. you can buy a new one in the UK on for £21.93


LG WCD-110 Wireless Charger

The LG WCD-110 wireless charger works by induction and is compatible with LG G3. The base is made of polycarbonate and weighs 200 g and is white. This wireless charger costs £24.45 and has a six month warranty. These charging docks are available from











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